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Last of the Alex G covers. Dedicated to Darling.


How are you today
i saw your friends band play
a little show last night
its not my thing they were alright
youre in my dream last week
id like to hear what you think
we passed a house driving fast
the sun was shining on the grass
you made me stop and leave the car
you pulled my sleeve but not too hard

remember when you took too much
i didnt mind being your crutch
we loved you then
its not the same

i dont like how things change


from Hazel Covers the Same Guy 3 Times, released March 30, 2016
Lyrics & Music: Alex Giannascoli
Instrumentation: Last One Stalling
Vocals: Hazel Christian-James
Production: Dan Kmemes
Track Photo: Collin Stauffer
Track Art Design: Hazel R. Christian-James




Hazel Christian-James Lisle, Illinois

Teenage meme.

Bit of a wet blanket.

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