Alex G Cover.
Sick jam.
Thanks to Agustin, Dewey, Mom, Collin, and Kelsey for helping me however you did.


Yeah, you were scarred
You were cryin' loud right out in the schoolyard
And yeah, I felt good
Everything I knew was going just as it should
I saw the tree
Carved in it 666 and he found me
But I am no fool
I know every time I look in his eyes he sees me too

Dry your eyes
I won't tell your mother
She won't ever discover
The things you kept under the covers

Please don't cry
I am not your brother
I am not your lover
And there is nothing wrong


from Hazel Covers the Same Guy 3 Times, track released March 2, 2016
Lyrics & Music: Alex Giannascoli
Instrumentation: Steve Davila
Vocals: Hazel R. Christian-James and Dan Kmemes
Production: Aaron Viland
Kazoo: Night Ch'ding
Track Photo: Collin Stauffer
Track Art Design: Hazel R. Christian-James




Hazel Christian-James Lisle, Illinois

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