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Another Alex G cover because I do what I want.


All I wanna do
Is get a little bit closer to you
But you
You're like glue
I'm like water
And you're like glue
And all I ever do
Is soak through you


from Hazel Covers the Same Guy 3 Times, released March 30, 2016
Lyrics & Music: Alex Giannascoli
Instrumentation: Steve Davila/Last One Stalling
Vocals: Hazel R. Christian-James
Production: Dan Kmemes/Last One Stalling
Track Photo: Collin Stauffer
Track Art Design: Hazel R. Christian-James
Dank Memes: Agustin Forero




Hazel Christian-James Lisle, Illinois

Teenage meme.

Bit of a wet blanket.

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